7 Reasons Why Not To Book Me

Believe it or not there are a few reasons why you shouldn't book me!

1. I want to get to know my clients via phone call

I will not accept a booking unless I have spoken to them over the phone as the best way to understand your event is to hear you personally talk about your plans and how you want magic to be involved in your event. I want to provide you with exactly what you need rather than interpret what you mean in your email enquiry so that I can provide you with exactly what you want for your event.

2. Meet up for a coffee/Tea (I'll Buy) (optional)

I offer over the phone an option to meet up with me for a coffee/tea (I'll buy) and show you some magic for FREE. This allows me to get to see you before the event and allows you the opportunity to see me perform.

3. Time Frames

It always amazes me how many magicians say, "I'm X amount for 2hrs or for 1hr I'm X". You are not paying for my time you are paying for the experience I have and what that can bring to your event. You are paying for everlasting memories that you and your guests will treasure - you are not paying me for 1/2/3hrs of work.

4. I'm not a children's party entertainer

I don't perform for children parties, it's not something I'm good at and I wouldn't be worth your hard earned cash. Look for someone who specialises in children's entertainment.

5. You're not paying for a magician - you're getting an experience

Anyone can perform magic, there's YouTube and magic stores in every town so it's easy for someone to learn and to charge money. That is precisely why I remind my clients you are not paying for a magician you are paying for the experience you will get. I have over a decade of experience and have worked for thousands of events both nationally and internationally. With me you get a 100% success rate of jaw-dropping reactions, laughter and amazement that will make your event stand out and worth every penny!

6. You don't book me - I agree to work for you

I make the point to get to know every client that wants to book me. This allows me and you to see if we can work together and achieve the event that you want. I choose not to book 2-3 clients a year as I don't feel I'm the right magician for them. Just as some clients turn me down because I'm not the right person for them.

7. Price

Yes, price is here! We all have a budget - some are large and some are smaller. First of all I'm not cheap but I'm also not expensive either! In fact I offer a competitive price that will not only deliver and make your event stand out but also goes above and beyond to ensure you have a great experience.

Professional Phone Consultation and Optional Meet-up for Coffee/Tea

3 quotes for your event
No Time Limits
Perfect ice-breaker material
World-Class, Award-Winning magic that has 100% success rate in amazing and enhancing your event
Professional and clean appearance
100% guaranteed to making your event the best one yet
Contract that protects all parties for that peace of mind
Quick and easy, secure payments – no more inputting my account number and sort code into your bank
Takes every complaint/ concern seriously (Never had any but if I did – I’m there to make sure you are happy)
A competitive price

Public Liability Insurance Cover
Public Liability Insurance Cover
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10/10 would hire again. Professional, impressive, and all around great character. He was asked to entertain our wedding guests for a couple of hours, and this was completed to great effect. He got everyone mingling and amazed all who experienced the acts of magic.
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We had Steven at our event yesterday and I can't recommend him highly enough. He is absolutely amazing, every guest commented on how fantastic he was and he really made the night extra special. He blew us away and he is also a charming lovely guy.
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Steven recently performed at our wedding in August this year and he was fantastic! He is a true pro and a natural entertainer! He worked his way around all of the guests ensuring everyone got to enjoy his magic. I've seen quite a few different magicians at various functions but have never seen anything like the tricks that Steven performed - they were incredible! When we talk about our wedding with people who were there everyone always wants to talk about Steven and how impressed they were with his close up magic. I'd highly reccomend booking him for any function - you and your guests wont be dissapointed!

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Steven Brown has performed all around the world but lives and works mainly in the UK as a close-up magician, birthday party magician and corporate events magician. Steven’s most popular areas he has performed in are: close-up magician London, close up magician Guildford, Wedding Magician Guildford, Wedding Magician London. Wedding Magician Kent, Wedding Magician Nottingham, Wedding Magician Mooregate London, Birthday Party Magician Oxford, Wedding Magician Oxford. 

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